A New Paradigm

of Computing

Flame is a full fledged Enterprise AI platform capable of giving optimal solutions to complex problems utilizing Atalgo’s proprietary architecture, Ntelg


We propose that Flame can be utilized to efficiently solve complex enterprise problems by employing its computational intelligence framework, we have been focusing on few challenging enterprise use cases and getting great results. These enterprise use cases for our Generative AI based platform are common place in enterprise IT development and maintenance environments an require significant investment. Any efficiencies gained in this space will result in significant return on investment and help organization develop competitive advantage. The current enterprise use cases Flame is being employed at are

Intelligent Knowledge Base

Repository of dynamic knowledge artefacts which consist of multiple sources of information such as Confluence, SharePoint, Jira, CRM etc hich can be queries and reasoned upon by Flame client interface…

Intelligent Quality Engineering (iQE)

Atalgo provides a comprehensive Quality Engineering framework to manage the quality aspects of an enterprise software development project. This involves learning about the application…

Synthetic Data Generation

Synthetic Data Generation is niche use case Flame has mastered to assist with the test data engineering and ML training. Production like fake data helps quality engineers test the solution better…


Flame platform is capable of supporting all aspects of an MLOps project such as Ingestion, Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), Predictive Model Generation, Validation, Infrastructure Maintenance…


Flame is a platform designed to help AI Engineers solve enterprise challenges using computational intelligence. For this to work without errors and hallucinations, we have developed a knowledge engineering framework which allows the intelligent workflows to reason on and learn from accurate data. Flame representation of Knowledge Artefacts covers all type of information an organization needs to fulfill its business processes. This includes simple facts and knowledge stored in various applications, model of the toolsets that an organization uses, user feedback and Flame generated knowledge. In Flame world, knowledge is dynamic and knowledge engineering is a continuous process. Depending upon the settings we choose, Flame knowledge base may continue to grow as we use the platform.

We have a hierarchical architecture where a knowledge can be referred by multiple projects within an organization as the need arises. Also, we can define “Global” vs project specific information and make Flame decision engine understand concepts specific to the organization. As the usage grows, this knowledge artefact will act as a single and dynamic source of truth for further development utilizing Active Learning.



Flame provides immense power of creativity and problem solving to our AI Engineers. Utilizing our proprietary architecture, Ntelg, we can deploy computational intelligence to solve complex problems efficiently and autonomously. Ntelg operates on the concept of multi agent state transition from problem domain to solution domain by employing heuristics, prompt engineering, knowledge engineering and the acquired intelligence from solutions of the similar problems. This enables Flame platform to learn about the problem, explore the solution, get trained from the data model and intake the user feedback in the service of providing most effective solution. With robust knowledge engineering and Flame powered computational intelligence, AI Engineers can create workflows for a large class of computational challenges in the fields of Software Development, Data Engineering, MLOps, Quality Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Research.

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