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Atalgo provides AI solutions to help Enterprises become AI Augmented. To know more about our capabilities

Enterprise AI

Atalgo’s approach to Enterprise AI is significantly different from some other vendors and services providers. Instead of just encouraging enterprises to use available cloud-based AI toolsets (such as GitHub Copilot)


Flame is a full-fledged Enterprise AI platform capable of giving optimal solutions to complex problems utilizing Atalgo’s proprietary architecture, Ntelg



We are an Australian technology solutions provider specializing in Enterprise AI solutions. With our unique framework for Enterprise AI enablement, we help businesses leverage next generation AI capabilities by building a computational model of organization’s technical as well as business processes. Our model involves Intelligent Knowledge Engineering (iKE) which allows the AI stack to learn and reason from accurate data sources. Our proprietary AI platform, Flame, is a secure and scalable platform to manage the entire lifecycle of Knowledge Artefacts and Intelligent Workflows to achieve hyper automation and computational intelligence capabilities at scale.

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