Our Approach

Atalgo product engineering and digital transformation approach is comprehensive and takes into account various challenges in enterprise IT projects. Most important feature of this approach is the emphasis on the ownership and buy-in of business for the chosen methodology. Business and Technical team work collaboratively and share the vision of the business benefits and efficiencies. From our experience, the biggest challenge in delivering product value at scale in Australian enterprise IT projects has been around delivering solutions in Agile methodology whereas the senior management and contractual tools are still tied to waterfall approach. We have developed a novel methodology which provides a governance model around Agile product engineering while satisfying traceability and stakeholder management. Below are six core components of our methodology

Business Ownership

A more central role for the business in the enterprise product implementation. We in fact champion a formal role of “Business Owner” (as against Product Owner which is usually from any external agency). Business Owner is typically an empowered Subject Matter Expert who has spent time in the business and understands business needs and entire landscape well. Business owner is expected to take the ownership of requirements and design decisions of course aided by the team of Business Analysts and UAT testers.

Delivery Methodology

Our delivery methodology takes into account the specific challenges encountered in implementing a solution within a complex ecosystem of ERP systems and other tech-stack within an organization. We keep operational readiness front and centre. Definition of Done is clearly outlined and well understood by all stakeholders. Over the years, we have developed some unique insights into the enterprise delivery methodology; what works and what does not. There is ample room for design decisions, requirements sign off and showcases. Data Migration, Change Management, Security Testing and Hypercare are built in part of Atalgo’s delivery methodology


From governance perspective, we can not stress enough the importance of traceability. Also, product and business terminologies should align. We have concept of product matrix which aligns the processes with product features being built. A real time coverage report with custom workflow (in Jira or any other workflow tool) will provide business stakeholders confidence that key business processes are being covered by product capability.

Customer Feedback Loop

Getting timely feedback from end users is critical and challenging in enterprise products. And once we get the feedback, what we do with that decides how effective our next releases are going to be. Atalgo has methods and tools to capture the feedback and analyze them to be included for next sprint’s design discussions. We also like to analyze the adoption, retention, efficiency and defects across the release. Regression test suite seeks inspiration from feedback loop to keep the test automation focused.


DevOps and Shift Left are natural components of our product engineering methodology. We have experience in setting up a DevOps platform where Build, Deployment and Testing are automated, and telemetry is collected for the actionable insights on all aspects of the automation pipeline. We also have competency in infrastructure provisioning and migration. In partnership with a leading Australian DevOps consultancy, DevOps1, we are well positioned to assist our clients on various DevOps solutions.

Offshore Capability​

In partnership with Sophyrus Technologies India, Atalgo has deep full stack competency with a proven onshore-offshore model which can augment the IT capability of any enterprise. We have utmost regard for data privacy and client confidentiality and have flexible engagement models which can business scale their IT capability fast. We can assist with solutioning as well as resource provisioning in any aspect of application development/product engineering across domains and tech stack.

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